Bird Bot
Frequently Asked Questions

How many tasks should I run?

The recommended amount of tasks running without proxies is 20 per site.

Do I need proxies?

No, however if you run more than 20 tasks per site it is recommended.

What proxies are supported?

The bot supports ip:port:user:pass and ip:port proxies.

The bot said order place on Bestbuy, but I haven't gotten an email/charge

Be patient, the email will come in soon.

How can I tell if the site temp banned me?

If you cannot checkout an instock item.

Why is it telling me a browser is ready? I thought the bot automatically checks out?

If the item is only available instore, your payment fails, you got blocked by bot protection, or the item is out of stock in your area a browser will be created.
Last modified 1yr ago